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Post Rental & Installation Services

(price includes installation and removal)

Note* If needed for longer than 6 months, you can can choose to pay $15 for an extension

Residential prices



0 to 20 miles from NEOSP

Extended Local


21 to 30 miles from NEOSP

Long Distance


31 to 40 miles from NEOSP

Extended Long Distance


 41 to 50 miles from NEOSP

Out of Area


51 plus miles away from NEOSP

Brochure Box Rental


Can be secured to post

Lockbox Install/Removal


Price includes installation and removal services

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Changes & Repairs

Sign Changes/ Repairs

$8.00+ Trip charge

Sign Replacement

$10.00+ Trip charge

Post Relocation Fee


Lost Post

$85.00+ Trip charge

Post Damaged Beyond Repair

$85.00+ Trip charge

Lost/Damaged Brochure Box

$15.00+ Trip charge

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Rent sign riders

For Sale




For Rent


Coming Soon


Home Warranty


Open Sunday


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